Out/Loud is the largest all-ages 1 day queer women’s music festival in the Northwest. We invite participants to join us in celebrating the diverse voices of queer female artists, from slam poets to rock goddesses, in a safe place for LGBTQQI and allies. We provide a gathering point for attendees to make new connections and experience a sense of inclusivity and empowerment.


Over the past twelve years, OUT/LOUD has grown from a small gathering in a student’s backyard to the largest queer women’s music festival in the Northwest. OUT/LOUD is a much anticipated annual festival that is well known among the queer and allied communities of the Eugene/Portland area.

OUT/LOUD was originally named Lesbopalooza in 2000. In 2006 it was renamed to OUT/LOUD in order to be more inclusive and representative of community and performers.  The goal of the concert is to create awareness of the LGBTQQI community. The event seeks to identify the University of Oregon as a place accepting of and promoting diversity, and to pave the way for Eugene as a hotspot for alternative and progressive music. Today these traditions continue through a celebratory, fun and inclusive environment.

Each year the performers at OUT/LOUD are varied in their genres, but all share an LGBTQQI identity. Each year we outreach to performers of multiple genres, backgrounds and experiences in order to represent the audience’s interests, ages, and identities, as well as to promote the general message of acceptance and diversity.

We are now in our twelth year! OUT/LOUD continues to grow, reaching more people throughout the Northwest. Its music and performances remains diverse in order to represent the continually growing audience. OUT/LOUD brings marginalized, queer performers into the mainstream, creating awareness to ultimately create greater acceptance and safety for queer individuals within society. OUT/LOUD is a free event dependent upon donations of attendees and businesses, as well as student organizations within the University of Oregon.

“The Out/Loud festival provides an amazingly rare opportunity for us to come together as a community simply because we want to–not because we are defending ourselves from an ignorant attack, not to educate or raise money or social awareness, but simply to have fun and experience the vast creative talent of our people.  Every year, I am amazed by this.  It gives me a chance to pause and acknowledge how far we have come both socially and politically, and to give thanks to our those who came before.  We know, sadly, that people take their own lives everyday because of the homophobia that still exists.  Out/Loud gives us a welcome break to just be ourselves, feel loved and accepted for who we are and receive much needed encouragement about carrying on in the world each day in a meaningful way.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             –Virginia Cohen, local performer for Out/Loud

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